Training Intercultural Teaching

Teachers are an important role model for indigenous and maroon children. They teach children in their own language and in a culturally appropriate way. They also guide the development of children, nurturing a sense of pride in the children’s own language and culture. This is of great importance for the survival of the language and culture and for the preservation of the knowledge the language contains. Also, by learning through a familiar language and culture, children can learn to do maths in Dutch faster and more easily.

This is why the Association of Indigenous Village Leaders in Suriname (VIDS), the Association of Saramaka Authorities (VSG) and the Rutu Foundation for Intercultural Multilingual Education organized a training in Intercultural Teaching. The training was held from 7  to 9 June 2013 in Paramaribo with trainers Ralph Schreinemachers and Ellen-Rose Kambel.