Language Friendly School

Language Friendly School

The Language Friendly School is a quality label and a network of schools who welcome and value all the languages spoken by the pupils.

A bottom-up whole-school approach

The Language Friendly School is a bottom-up whole-school approach. There is no blue print of what schools must do. Schools with the Language Friendly School label commit to not punish or restrict the use of any languages in the school. They develop a language plan together with their students, teachers and parents. It is a plan that is adapted to the school’s own needs and priorities.

Why should your school become a Language Friendly School?

By joining the network of Language Friendly Schools you become part of a global community of teachers, parents and community leaders who value the cultural and linguistic diversity of our children. You will have access to innovative ways of supporting multilingual children and providing them with the best opportunities to achieve their educational goals.

Visit the Language Friendly School website to discover more about the programme!

The Language Friendly School is endorsed by Dr. Jim Cummins (University of Toronto) and was nominated for the European Language Label in 2019.

The LERI project

LERI: Peer Learning in Language Friendly School Networks


The Language Friendly School is a global education innovation.