The Language Friendly School Network is Expanding

The Language Friendly School Network starts the new year with 20 schools spanning four continents: Europe, North America, the Caribbean and Asia. Another milestone! We welcome the new schools with their teams, students, and families. 

The schools who joined our network in the last six months of 2021 are just as diverse as their students: they include three international schools; two language schools for newcomers and one regular public school. Together, the Language Friendly School network now represents over 7000 students.   

Network Meeting

During our next Network Meeting on Thursday January 13, we will give a warm welcome to the five most recently certified Language Friendly Schools: Kindercampus Zuidas (Amsterdam), Schakelklas Westland (Monster), Dulwich College (Suzhou), OBS Prinsenbos (Gilze), and Amstelland International School (Amstelveen). 

The Language Friendly School Network Meetings are a place where teachers, principals and parents meet, discuss and share ideas on how to make their school even more inclusive. At our next LFS Network Meeting three schools will present their favourite Language Friendly Activity. 


Interested in joining our Network Meetings? Have a look at the website to find out how to become a Language Friendly School!