New Dutch Article! How to become a Language Friendly School?

In this Dutch article, published for the “Levende Talen Magazine” (Lively Languages Magazine), the advantages of becoming a language-friendly school and the process of becoming a member are discussed.

Why is it important to become a language-friendly school? Become a language-friendly school is a way to respond to the growing language diversity observed in many countries today. Welcoming and appreciating all languages at school has socio-emotional and cognitive benefits for students. Language-friendly schools provide an inclusive environment for all children and, at the same time, promote academic achievement of students.

How can your school become language friendly? The Language Friendly School offers a roadmap to schools that want to join the network and will discuss together with the school principal and other educators what goals your school aims to achieve. As the size, population, and location of schools differ between but also within countries, the approach that a school adopts in becoming language-friendly is context-sensitive. The Language Friendly School will guide schools in discovering what language-friendly means for them and how to apply it in practice.

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