Upcoming Events

European Day of Languages

On the European Day of Languages on September 26, the Rutu Foundation will speak at the celebration organized by EBLT and Mercator Research in light of this Day. The event with music and poetry will be held in Leeuwarden, the Netherlands. There will be a special focus on the multilingual learning environment. Including linguistic diversity in the classroom is the theme of the speakers. What better opportunity to showcase the Language Friendly School!

Find out more about this free event and sign up here: https://www.mercator-research.eu/en/news-and-events/news-item/news/detail/celebrating-european-day-of-languages-with-focus-on-language-diversity-in-schools/

UN Science Summit

Great news – Language Friendly School is going to the UN Science Summit!

Emmanuelle Le Pichon and Ellen-Rose Kambel, along with Roberto Di Prospero and Valentina Spyropoulou, both active members of Language Friendly Schools in Canada and The Netherlands respectively, will be attending the Language and Quality Education event hosted by OISE, University of Toronto. Read more about the event and signing up here.

Nuffic’s Inspiration event about internationalisation and world citizenship in primary schools

During this inspiration event, hosted by the Ericaschool in Otterlo, the Netherlands, the Language Friendly School will be presented as a good practice of multilingualism in the classroom. Together with one of Rutu’s advisory board members,  who is now board director of this school, the Rutu Foundation will show how a Language Friendly School welcomes and values all languages of its students.

Read more about this event and signing up here (in Dutch): https://www.nuffic.nl/agenda/inspiratiebijeenkomst-2-internationalisering-en-wereldburgerschap-voor-basisscholen#