The Rutu Foundation regularly organises free webinars on the Language Friendly School. Topics such as language inclusive activities, parental involvement, supporting mother tongues in education and more are discussed by experts. All participants can join in the discussion.

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Past webinars:

Webinar #3: The Role of Parents

How Parents and Teachers Can Support Multilingual Children- With Dr. Ute Limacher Riebold

Webinar Role of Parents

Within the Language Friendly School, parents play an important role. Schools design their Language Friendly Schoolplan with the full participation of parents. This is because parental involvement is so essential for a child’s school success. When teachers do not speak the same language as parents and when school books are in a language which the parents do not understand, this can have serious implications for the learning process of multilingual children. It’s important therefore that both parents and teachers find ways of supporting each other.

How can parents work together with teachers to provide the best outcome for multilingual children? And what can teachers and school administrators do to make schools more welcome and inclusive for parents of all linguistic and ethnic backgrounds? Multilingual language consultants Dr. Ute Limacher-Riebold and Rita Rosenback discussed with us some of these questions. Read more here.



Webinar #2: Prohibiting Home Languages at School

Why Language Friendly Schools Don’t Prohibit or Discourage the Use of Mother Tongues

Webinar Don't Punish Language UseThere are many reasons why schools prohibit home languages. Often it is well intentioned as teachers believe it is the best way for children to learn the school language. However, research finds that these practices are harmful and that there are much better ways this can be achieved. With happier kids, parents and teachers as a result!

During our second Language Friendly School webinar, we delved deep into this issue and talked about why Language Friendly Schools don’t prohibit or punish their students for using their own language. Read more here.




Webinar #1: Introducing the Language Friendly School

What is a Language Friendly School and why should your school join the network?
Webinar Language Friendly School

For our first webinar on the Language Friendly School, participants from all over the world learned how the concept was developed, how schools can join and why they should become part of this global network. The examples of Language Friendly activities shared by the Silver Creek School in Toronto, Canada were truly inspirational.

View the slides here. For more information, read the report.