Upcoming event: NESET Webinar on Language Education and Multilingualism

NESET Webinar


Innovative Networks for  Education of Multilinguals

How do cross-border networks and partnerships foster plurilingualism and promote an inclusive, multilingual ethos across systems? This will be explored in a webinar organised by NESET which has recently published an extensive analytical report entitled The Future of Language Education in Europe: case studies of innovative practices, authored by Emmanuelle Le Pichon-Vorstman (International Advisory Board of the Rutu Foundation), Hanna Siarova, and Eszter Szőnyi. The panelists will talk about two inspirational examples of school networks and labels – CertiLingua and #LanguageFriendlySchool, as well as reflect on innovative language learning methods (such as AIM), which can be promoted through such networks.

NESET is an international advisory network of experts working on the social dimension of education and training. It was set up at the initiative of the European Commission. Their previous work in this area includes the report entitled Multilingual Education in the Light of Diversity: Lessons learned, authored by Barbara Herzog-Punzenberger, Emmanuelle Le Pichon-Vorstman, and Hanna Siarova.


The panel members in this webinar present the networks promoting collaboration between schools, teachers and professional learning communities.

  • Ellen-Rose Kambel, director of the Rutu Foundation, presenting the Language Friendly School
  • Audrey Rousse Malpat of the University of Groningen, presenting AIM
  • Gisella Lange of the CertiLingua Network
  • Discussant: Jim Cummins (University of Toronto)
    Moderator: Kristina Cunningham (DG EAC)

NESET webinar on Language Education and Multilingualism

Innovative language teaching methods, and school networks and labels as ways to promote multilingualism and language education

Date: Thursday 25th June 2020, 16h CEST (Central European Summer Time)
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