Upcoming event: Language Friendly School Webinar #2

Every year on the 21st of February we celebrate the more than 7.000 languages spoken in the world. But did you know that in most countries, the vast majority of students are not allowed to use their home languages at school and are sometimes even punished for it? Punishments can take many forms. As recent as 2009, little kids from India were forced to wear a sign around their neck that they would never speak their home language.

Why schools prohibit or punish the use of home languages

There are many reasons why schools prohibit home languages. Often it is well intentioned as teachers believe it is the best way for children to learn the school language. However, research finds that these practices are harmful and that there are much better ways this can be achieved. With happier kids, parents and teachers as a result!

On Thursday 27 February 2020, during our second Language Friendly School webinar, we will delve deep into this issue and talk about why Language Friendly Schools don’t prohibit or punish their students for using their own language. Participants are invited to join the discussion.

We will also discuss:
• What is a Language Friendly School?
• How can my school join?
• What are the benefits of being part of this global network?


• Dr. Ellen-Rose Kambel, director Rutu Foundation
• Dr. Emmanuelle Le Pichon-Vorstman, professor, University of Toronto
• Deena Hurwitz, international human rights consultant
• Nidhi Sachdeva, University of Toronto

How to join the webinar

The webinar is free and open to all, but spaces are limited so please register via info@languagefriendlyschool.org. You will receive an email with further instructions.

What time is the webinar?

1 PM until 1:45 PM Eastern Central Time (Toronto, New York)
• 3:00-3:45 PM UTC-3 (Paramaribo)
• 7:00-7:45 PM Central European Time (Amsterdam, Paris, Berlin).

Language Friendly School webinars

This is the second webinar of our Language Friendly School webinar series. The slides for the first one can be found here. To make sure you don’t miss the next one, sign up for our newsletter, or follow the Language Friendly School via Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or join the Linkedin Group.

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