What does your mother tongue mean to you?

We asked some multilingual friends (and their children) to explain what their mother tongue means to them and what it feels like to speak more than one language.

Aroha (14 years):

To me, being bilingual is like playing a game of Memory with your mind. Except instead of an image on your card, you have a word in one of the languages you speak. Sometimes you find the matching card immediately. At other times it takes a lot longer. And you just keep staring at the card in your hand. It is all you can see and you just can’t manage to find the other. Which, as you can imagine, is very frustrating….

To read the rest of Aroha’s story, or the stories of our other bilingual friends click on an image below.

Aroha - Being Bilingual

foto Aroha cropped

Alana - Negrita

foto Alana (234x176)

Greta - Your native language

Greta (234x176)

Nosrat - Mother Language

foto Nosrat (132x176)

Magda - Language of my heart

foto Magda (151x176)
Mag - Five languages

foto Mag de Vos (125x176)
Alexis - French class made easier

Kofi - Tongo e meki

foto Kofi (132x176)
Pamela - Ahang, you have my attention

foto Pamela (314x176)
Thijs - A wider world

Isaure - Two places where you belong

Dionne - Woman of many languages

foto Dionne (234x176)