Development of Education Materials

Since 2011 we have taken a bottom up approach to advancing mother tongue education. This has meant developing bi/multilingual learning materials and training teachers. This approach leads to concrete, immediate and observable results.

We began in 2011 with projects in Suriname (South America). This work has since been picked up in Mexico and our reach continues to expand.

All the educational materials are free to use and made available via an (beta) open source tool that aids translation and cultural adaptation.

View all materials here.

Teacher training

The quality of education depends to a large extent on the teacher. Teachers are important role models. Whether they are working with indigenous children in remote communities with few resources at hand, or in superdiverse classrooms in urban settings; creating a rich learning environment for each child presents an enormous challenge for teachers.

To increase teachers’ awareness about multilingualism and in/exclusion in the classroom, and to give them practical tools that can be used immediately, we have developed several programmes.

Other Programmes

Language Friendly School

Indigenous-Led Education Network (ILED)

Mobile Forest School


Training & Consultancy