Past Programmes

Bilingual Math Education Pilot Project in Suriname

Rutu began its work in Suriname with the project ‘Maths, Naturally!’. In six villages, teachers went to work. The project consists of two components: an intercultural multilingual maths method and training for teachers in intercultural education.

In 2014, we helped create a national Platform for Multilingual Education in Suriname. The Platform brings together school boards, non-profit organizations, policy makers, teachers, teacher training schools, indigenous and tribal community leaders and researchers. The Platform is coordinated by our sister organization ITOS in Paramaribo, Suriname.


European Network for Education of Children with a Migrant Background

The Sirius Policy Network on the Education of Children and Young People with a Migrant Background is a European network that brings together policy makers, researchers, education practitioners and representatives of migrant organisations, in order to improve education of children with a migrant background.

In 2013-2014 the Rutu Foundation participated in several activities within the Sirius network:

  • Peer Review Migrant Education Oslo, Norway (November 2013). Download the report.
  • Workshop for teachers with a migrant background Brussels, Belgium (June 2014). More information.
  • Trilateral meetings for European policy makers: Amsterdam, the Netherlands (September 2014) and Tallinn, Estonia (October 2014).
  • Language Support for Migrant Children in Europe: Mapping European Policies (December 2014). Download the report.
  • Workshop: Language Support for Migrant Children in Early School Years: Policies and Practices, at Sirius Final Conference, Brussels, Belgium (November 2014). Download the report.