Webinar Role of Parents

Within the Language Friendly School, parents play an important role. Schools design their Language Friendly Schoolplan with the full participation of parents. Parental involvement is essential for a child’s school success. When teachers do not speak the same language as parents and when school books are in a language which the parents do not understand, this can have serious implications for the learning process of multilingual children. It’s important therefore that both parents and teachers find ways of supporting each other. On Thursday 7th May the Rutu Foundation organised a webinar on the role of parents and teachers in supporting multilingual children.

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NESET Webinar


Innovative Networks for  Education of Multilinguals

How do cross-border networks and partnerships foster plurilingualism and promote an inclusive, multilingual ethos across systems? This will be explored in a webinar organised by NESET which has recently published an extensive analytical report entitled The Future of Language Education in Europe: case studies of innovative practices, authored by Emmanuelle Le Pichon-Vorstman (International Advisory Board of the Rutu Foundation), Hanna Siarova, and Eszter Szőnyi. The panelists will talk about two inspirational examples of school networks and labels – CertiLingua and #LanguageFriendlySchool, as well as reflect on innovative language learning methods (such as AIM), which can be promoted through such networks.

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The third part of our series on Free Digital Resources for Multilingual Learners focuses on Language and Arts Digital Resources. Along with the freely available multilingual resources related to language learning and arts, we present some creative activities realized by our Language Friendly Schools. As you will see, these can easily be repeated both at home and at school, giving vent to children’s imagination and inventiveness.

This initiative is part of a project which aims to support children, parents and schools in this difficult period. In fact, COVID19 has led us to rethink our lives. In this situation, education needs to shape itself into new forms, embracing different ways to reach students and support their learning. The Rutu Foundation has curated a series of free online resources specifically designed for multilingual learners. Even when schools open up again, these resources are important tools to create inclusive multilingual classrooms. We will continue to update them so check back regularly or subscribe to our newsletter to make sure you don’t miss anything.


The first and second part of the series can be found here:

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