UNESCO has long insisted that languages play an essential role in reaching the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs). In a brochure released last year UNESCO explains why. Among others: Languages are essential to achieving universal primary education (MDG 2). the safeguarding of local and indigenous knowledge and know-how with a view to ensuring…

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Tweet in your #MotherLanguage

The 21st of February marks the celebration of the bird-bangla International Mother Language Day. We invite everyone to join this social media campaign!

The International Mother Language Day was proclaimed by UNESCO en celebrates the worldwide linguistic and cultural diversity and multilingualism.

Join us and tweet in your own language using the hash tags #motherlanguage and #your own language (e.g. #Sranan, #Kari’na, #Saamaka).
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A new study by tKawemhakan boathe World Resources Institute shows that deforestation can be up to 20 times lower in community forests that have strong legal protection, than in areas that do not enjoy such protection.

This is a compelling argument to strengthen the rights of indigenous peoples to own and manage their territories.

It also points to the urgent need to support indigenous peoples with the transfer of their unique ecological knowledge to their children.

The Rutu Foundation works with indigenous communities to integrate their languages and knowledge into the education system by training teachers and developing multilingual learning materials.