Yesterday, some 25 participants from the Netherlands, the United States, Canada, Suriname, the UK and Belgium joined our first webinar on the Language Friendly School and learned how the concept was developed, how schools can join and why they should become part of this global network. The examples of language friendly activities shared by the Silver Creek School in Toronto, Canada were truly inspirational. You can find the slides of the webinar below. As extra bonus we’ve included some resources that you can use right away! For more information and to make sure you don’t miss the next webinar: email us at or subscribe to our newsletter.

A special blog post for International Women’s Day – by Linda Edvardsdottir

In the centre: Besigo, from Progreso, a Ngäbe indigenous community in Costa Rica.

When I was nineteen years old, I volunteered in Progreso, a Ngäbe Bugle Indigenous reservation in Costa Rica. Progreso is a rural community of Indigenous peoples who are spread across a large mountain side close to the Panamanian border. There is one school and education is regarded as very important by the Ngäbe people. To get to school some children must hike in tropical heat for up to two hours. The children often arrive to school exhausted, where they then start studying in Spanish, a secondary language to their own. When it rains, rivers tend to block the roads and the kids have to be sent home early, carrying with them homework in Spanish rather than in their own language.

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Multilingualism and Education  won the second prize for Best Education Book of the Year 2018 in the Netherlands. The award is handed out every year by the National Association of Educational Support Professionals (Landelijke Beroepsgroep voor Begeleiders in het Onderwijs).

Note for English speakers: the book is in Dutch, but inside the book you will find a code that provides access to the English version of most of the chapters.

About the book:

This publication of the Rutu Foundation, edited by Orhan Agirdag (researcher and teacher at the University of Amsterdam/Universiteit Leuven) and Ellen-Rose Kambel (director Rutu Foundation), provides access to the latest research findings and the social importance of multilingualism and multilingual education. 

Meertaligheid en onderwijs

Orhan Agirdag & Ellen-Rose Kambel (eds.)

isbn 9789024406661 | € 18,00

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Multilingualism and Education is a publication of Boom Uitgevers en the Rutu Foundation for intercultural and multilingual education.


“I believe every teacher must read this book at least once! Even if only because of these two sentences: The relationship between pupil and teacher is the key to school success and the relationship with the teacher is especially important for the well-being of the child!!! I soooo agree❣️❣️❣️” (Fatima Boutaka, teacher and mindfulness trainer)

“What makes “Meertaligheid en Onderwijs”unique, are the personal experiences.” (Didactief, March 2019).


Interview with editor Orhan Agirdag (Universiteit van Amsterdam/Leuven) in Caleidoscoop nr 1, 2019.

Interview with Ellen-Rose Kambel (Rutu Foundation) in De Ware Tijd, 11 mrt 2019.

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