Distance Learning: Free Digital Materials for Multilingual Learners

Distance Learning- Reading Resources


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The Rutu Foundation curated a series of Distance Learning Materials for Multilingual Learners to support children, parents and schools during the challenging times of the COVID-19 pandemic. UNESCO estimated that nearly 80% of the world’s student population is not attending school due to the effects of the virus. In fact, an estimated 1.4 billion students have been out of school and 138 countries are affected by school closures. This requires education to shape itself into new forms, embracing different ways to reach students and support their learning.

Even with schools reopening, these mostly free resources can help schools and parents to support their multilingual learners. We will update them regularly: subscribe to our newsletter to make sure you don’t miss anything.


Reading Resources

We curated a list of Reading Resources specifically designed to help multilingual learners with their reading skills. These online resources offer a variety of books and stories in many different languages, accompanied with cultural-related drawings. Among them, you can find our AVIOR bilingual materials, which are suitable for young learners (4-8 years). use the time at home to explore new places, meet new heroes and discover new languages. This will keep the kids occupied for hours.

A list of resources about “COVID explained to children” is also available. We know that for children it is hard to understand what is going on in this period and for parents to find the correct way to explain the situation. We looked for some resources that could help parents to approach the topic and make children more aware of the difficult situation we are facing. Click on the picture below to find out more about our Free Digital Reading Resources list! We also have a special section for Dutch language learners.

Distance Learning- Reading Resources


STEM Resources

STEM stands for  Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM). These topics can pose extra challenges when your school language is not the language you use at home. As a result, we put together a list of digital resources to support children’ s learning in this field. Just choose the language you want to learn in. Our own AVIOR bilingual materials are suitable for young learners (4-8 years). Find out by clicking on the image below.


Language and Arts Resources

In this section, you will find Language and Arts Multilingual Digital Resources. In addition to some wonderful and free resources, you may be inspired with the creative activities presented by our Language Friendly Schools. As you will see, you can easily do these both at home and at school with children, giving vent to their imagination and inventiveness. Click on the image below and get inspired!

Language Resources for Indigenous Peoples

The Rutu Foundation is committed to supporting quality education for Indigenous Peoples. For this reason, we decided to devote part of our project on Distance Learning to Indigenous Languages. We created this list of Digital Language Resources for Indigenous Peoples which can assist the preservation of Indigenous languages and raise awareness as to the threats that indigenous peoples are facing, a situation compounded by the COVID-19 crisis.