Distance Learning- Reading Resources

Distance Learning: Digital Reading Resources for Multilingual Learners

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With school closures and learning from home, there is a need for online free resources that can help schools, children, and parents. The Rutu Foundation curated a series of Free Digital Resources specifically for Multilingual Learners.

Free Digital Reading Resources for Multilingual Learners

This is our first series: Multilingual Reading Resources is created to help multilingual learners with their reading skills, offering a huge variety of books and stories in many different languages from around the world. Our own AVIOR bilingual materials are suitable for young learners (4-8 years). Use the time at home to explore new places, meet new heroes and discover new languages!

COVID explained to children

We know that for children it is hard to understand what is going on in a pandemic and for parents to find the correct way to explain the situation. For this reason, we looked for some resources that could help parents to approach the topic and make children more aware of the difficult situation we are facing.

  • COVIDBOOK – COVIDBOOK is a special book designed by Mindheart. The text is available in several languages and it is accompanied by fun and colorful drawings;
  • Talking about CORONA VIRUS-19 with young children – This UNICEF  book is full of drawings and simple explanations and it addresses the emotions that children can feel in this period. It is available in PDF in English, French and Spanish;
  • Wash your hands a picture book for the young ones with narration in 19 languages.