black heritage tour 30 mrt 2014

Rutu Foundation presents:

Know your Roots: Black Heritage Tour of Amsterdam


Join us this Sunday 30 March 2014, as we celebrate Rutu’s  third anniversary in preserving traditional education, knowledge, language and culture among indigenous peoples and minorities worldwide, with a special Black Heritage Tour of Amsterdam.
We explore the African presence from the 17th century in Amsterdam and reveal the ‘hidden history’ still visible on national landmarks, canal houses and museums.
The Tour includes:
  • 30 minute walking tour around the Dam Square area
  • 2 hour guided boat tour
  • Museum entry and 30 minute tour of special exhibit
  • Refreshments served on board the boat
  • Rutu Foundation Special Price: €35/per person.[The Regular Price: €52,50]. Guests may pay by bank transfer or debit/credit card.
Date: Sunday 30 March 2014
Time: 13.00 hours
Duration: 3 hours
Make your reservation at


In November 2012, the third meeting of intercontinental indigenous teachers from North-, Central- and South-America was held. Teachers from countries including Canada, Mexico, Guatemala, Colombia, Peru and Chile gathered in Tikal, the ancient Maya city in Guatemala. Ellen-Rose Kambel represented the Rutu Foundation during this special meeting and was joined by Jean Nilton Campo from Colombia to represent the South American continent. An impression of the meeting can be found here: OSSTF report on III REI

The Inter Continental Network of Indigenous Teachers is part of Red Sepa , which publishes the online journal Intercambio. In March 2013, a special issue on indigenous education was published, which includes a contribution on the bilingual math project in Suriname of the Rutu Foundation. Currently only available in Spanish: INTERCAMBIO-4 – Content



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