Training & Consultancy

The quality of education depends to a large extent on the teacher. Teachers are important role models. Whether they are working with indigenous children in remote communities with few resources at hand, or in superdiverse classrooms in urban settings; creating a rich learning environment for each child presents an enormous challenge for teachers.

To increase teachers’ awareness about multilingualism and in/exclusion in the classroom, and to give them practical tools that they can use immediately, we have developed several programmes:

  • Translanguaging for multilingual classrooms: pilot programme in partnership with Utrecht University and University of Amsterdam
  • Creating culturally and linguistically inclusive classrooms: training for school teams and teacher trainers
  • Introduction to translanguaging: workshop for school teams, students and/or parents

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Reactions from former participants:

“Impressive that you were able to create a safe environment in such a short amount of time, allowing everybody to speak openly.”

“The workshop is worthwhile for everyone who has children ‘around them’, because sooner or later every child will encounter these issues.”

“Well done, the way you have broken down such complex issues and given them ‘hands and feet’.”

“We have so many students from different cultures with different languages. This workshop offers perspective.”

“The way the trainer clearly related her presentation to the stories and experiences of the participants was good and cleverly done. It is true what she says, that it is important that children feel valued. I want to try this out too in my classroom.”

“I thought it was really very good. But [the workshop] was too short. So can we do it again?”


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