Event Calendar

Rutu organizes workshops, lectures and trainings on a regular basis. In the event calendar we post our own events as well as other events related to mother tongue and multilingual education around the world. So check back often for updates on events and information.



November 2017

Language and Development Congress
Date 27-29 November
Dakar, Senegal

2017/8 Global Education Monitoring Report UNESCO
Date 23 November
The Hague, Amsterdam

GEMR 2017 Meeting: Wie waakt over het recht op onderwijs in ontwikkelingslanden?
Date 20 November
The Hague, Netherlands

International Congress on the Study of Indigenous Languages
Date 15-17 November
Querétaro, Mexico

Study Visit AVIOR
Date 15-17 November
Turino, Italy

October 2017

Puliima National Indigenous Language & Technology Forum 2017
Date 16 – 20 October
Cairns, Australia

Langscape Conference Ljouwert
Date 13 October
Leeuwarden/Ljouwert, Netherlands

Rutu Guest Lectures at the Minor NT2 Post-HBO Course at the Hogeschool Rotterdam
Date 9 – 10 October
Rotterdam, Netherlands

MIME Expertmeeting Amsterdam
Date 2 October
Amsterdam, Netherlands

September 2017

National Platform Group EDINA Meeting
Date 14 September
Rotterdam, Netherlands

June 2017

NAOS Conference Risbo Institute
Date 21 June
Rotterdam, Netherlands

SDG Café #4
Date 15 June
The Hague, Netherlands

May 2017

Congress on Encouraging Community Participation: a Language, Education and Development COP Event
Date 17 – 19 May
Bangkok, Thailand

April 2017

Rutu Workshop at the International Human Rights Forum Lucerne (IHRF) Congress
Date 19 April
Lucerne, Switzerland

Nieuwe Amsterdamse Klas Meeting
Date 13 April
Amsterdam, Netherlands

SDG Café #3
Date 12 April
The Hague, Netherlands

Rutu Workshop Diversity for Pedagogy Students at the Hogeschool van Amsterdam
Date 5 April
Amsterdam, Netherlands

March 2017

Avior Partner Meeting
Date 30 – 31 March
Amsterdam, Netherlands

Dialoogbijeenkomst Nederlandse Rapportage SDGs
Date 28 March
The Hague, Netherlands

Congres voor lerarenopleiders 2017 ‘Opleiden voor diversiteit en verbinding’
Presentatie omgaan met meertaligheid en diversiteit in Suriname: expertise bevordering van lerarenopleiders door dr. Ellen-Rose Kambel (Rutu Foundation), dr. Emmanuelle Le Pichon (EDINA) en Ellen-Petra Kerster
Date 16 March
Amsterdam, Netherlands

Rutu Meeting Avior
Meeting on finding criteria for high quality bilingual school material for young children.

Date 7 March
Amsterdam, Netherlands

February 2017

Sustainable Development Goals Meeting
Date 16 February
The Hague – Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Netherlands

Congress on Roma Translanguaging Enquiry Learning Space Project
Date 28 February
London, United Kingdom

International Day of Mother Tongue Education
Date 21 February

Third National Project Group Meeting EDINA Project
Date 2 February
Rotterdam, Netherlands

Past Events

November 2016

European Commission – Third Thematic Panel on Linguistic Competences
Date 8-9 November
Brussels, Belgium

Rutu Workshop for Pedagogy Students: Dealing with Multilingualism
By Ellen-Rose Kambel and Eowyn Crisfield
Hogeschool van Amsterdam
Date 15 and 18 November 2016
Amsterdam, The Netherlands

European Commission – A Great Start in Life! The Best Possible Education in the Early Years
Date 30 November – 1 December
Brussels, Belgium

October 2016

Fifth International Conference on Language and Education
Date 19-21 October
Bangkok, Thailand

MIME Second Expertmeeting Onderwijs: Meertaligheid in het Basis en Voortgezet Onderwijs
Date 11 October 2016
Amsterdam, The Netherlands

September 2016

Mobilities, Transitions, Transformations. Intercultural Education at the Crossroads Conference
Date September 5-9 2016
Budapest, Hungary

European Commission – Second Thematic Panel on Linguistic Competences
Discussion paper by Rutu director Ellen-Rose Kambel on educating language-minoritized students.

2nd Malaysian Indigenous Peoples’ Conference on Education
Date September 20-22 2016
Kuching, Malaysia

July 2016

Towards an Inclusive, Ethical and Plurilingual Language Education: 6th EDiLiC Conference
Date July 7-9 2016
Győr, Hungary

June 2016

International Conference on Bilingualism in Education
Date June 10-12 2016
Bangor, North Wales, UK

European Commission – First Thematic Panel on Linguistic Competences
Date June 11 2016
Brussels, Belgium
– Report including discussion paper by Rutu advisory board member Emmanuelle LePichon

International Conference on CoDesigns. Envisioning Multi-Sited Language Education Policies
Ellen-Rose Kambel, Emmanuelle LePichon and Cynthia Groft of the Rutu Foundation will host a colloquium on translanguaging.
Date June 20-22 2016
Jyväskylä, Finland

May 2016

LEAD Community of Practice Event: Sustainable Development Goals, Language, Education and Development
Date May 18-20 2016
Bangkok, Thailand

April 2016

Strategy Meeting: Preserving the Kari’na and Lokono Indigenous Languages of Suriname
Roundtable with indigenous leaders and native language speakers, organized by Rutu and the Association of Indigenous Village Leaders in Suriname (VIDS)
Date 29 April 2016
Paramaribo, Suriname

Conference: Intercultural and Multilingual Education. Our Own Cultures and Languages as Key to School Success 
Closing Forum of the Teacher Training Project.
Date 30 April 2016
Paramaribo, Suriname

March 2016

The CIES 2016 Annual Conference: Six Decades of Comparative and International Education. Taking Stock and Looking Forward
Date 6-10 March 2016
Vancouver, Canada

Language, Power and Identity in Asia: Creating and Crossing Language Boundaries
Date 14-16 March 2016
Leiden, The Netherlands

MIME First Expertmeeting Onderwijs: Meertaligheid in het Basis en Voortgezet Onderwijs
Date 15 March 2016
Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Webinar: Translanguaging: A Powerful Pedagogical Strategy for Multilingual Classrooms
Date 17 March 2016
Online (in Dutch)

February 2016

International Conference on Inclusive Education and Mother Tongue-Based Multilingual Education
Date 18-20 February 2016
Manila, Philippines

International Conference on Language Policy in Multicultural and Multilingual Settings
Date 7-9 February 2016
Mandalay, Myanmar

Training: Strengthening Teacher Competence in Multilingualism and Diversity
4-6 February and 18-21 February 2016
Paramaribo, Suriname

Rutu Panel Discussion on Multilingualism and Language Discrimination in Education
Date 25 February 2016
Amsterdam, The Netherlands

January 2016

Study Day for Teachers of Dutch as a Second Language
Translanguaging: the basis for a powerful intercultural learning environment – presentation by Ellen-Rose Kambel (Rutu Foundation)
Date 13 January
Amsterdam, the Netherlands

International Expert Group Meeting on Indigenous Languages: Preservation and Revitalization
Date 19-21 January
New York, U.S.A.

December 2015

International Colloquium on Endangered Languages and Information Technology
Date 4-5 December
Querétaro, Mexico

Multilingualism! Closing event of the Validiv project
Date 11 December 2015
Brussels, Belgium

November 2015

Rutu Roundtable: Multilingual Education for Migrant Children in Europe: New Approaches
6 November
Utrecht, the Netherlands

Rutu Training: Strengthening Teacher Competence in Multilingualism and Diversity
5-6 November 2015
Paramaribo, Suriname

International Language and Development Conference
Date 18-20 November
New Delhi, India

Rutu Training: Strengthening Teacher Competence in Multilingualism and Diversity
19-21 November 2015
Paramaribo, Suriname

4th International Conference on Language, Education and Diversity
Date 23-26 November
Auckland, New Zealand

October 2015

Three Guianas Conference
Introduction of Plurilingual and Intercultural Teaching Strategies – presentation by Emmanuelle LePichon (Utrecht University) and Ellen-Rose Kambel (Rutu Foundation)
Date 1-3 October
Amsterdam, The Netherlands

September 2015

Everyday Multilingualism, Sustainable Linguistic Diversity and Multi-Engagement
Mercator Network Conference
Date 18-19 September
Budapest, Hungary

Math & Language Conference (City of Amsterdam)
Math for Second Language Leaners – workshop by Emmanuelle LePichon (Utrecht University) and Ellen-Rose Kambel (Rutu Foundation)
Date 23 September
Amsterdam, The Netherlands